Book deals and television shows are on hold after Ted Williams headed back to rehab last week. Before he checked-in, the formerly homeless disc jockey gave one of his final interviews to Fox 8 News.

Ted Williams, 53, was discovered on the side of a Columbus road in January and rocketed to fame as the guy with the ‘golden voice’. It was all thanks to a YouTube video with millions of views, that Ted has only watched a handful of times. “I think of my mother,” said Ted. “That’s not the child she raised to be 53-years-old, looking as hideous as I didn’t want to think I did.”

The father of nine children lost his job when he became addicted to drugs and alcohol in the 1990’s. He eventually found himself living on the streets and unable to find work. “The alcohol and everything was getting a little bad for me and I was showing-up late and just taking my job for granted,” said Williams.

FOX 8 News was the only Cleveland television station in Columbus when Ted’s story was first broadcast on the radio. The media spotlight was intense, with appearances on network television, entertainment shows and eventually, talk shows like Dr. Phil, where his drinking and drug use were exposed.

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