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We all have times when we wake up in the morning and feel the blahs and blues; we don’t feel very excited. But just because we feel those emotions doesn’t mean we have to stay there and give in to them; we can shake it off and move forward in faith relying on God’s strength

A great example of someone in the Bible who had a lot of experience in shaking off negative emotions is David. He had to fight being moody, and he was the King of Israel. He had all kinds of opportunity, power and position. He was wealthy, and yet, he still struggled with being depressed and discouraged. That tells me that having to choose to rule over negative feelings is something every person has to deal with. Don’t think you’re alone if you feel this way. Turn to God and His hope. Don’t think, “If I just had more money, if I had a better job, if I had a different spouse, then I’d be in a good mood, Joel. Then I wouldn’t have to deal with these feelings.” No, you may think that, but every person has to fight the temptation to just give in and live by how we feel.

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