God’s promises are eternal, and what He has said in His Word cannot be altered in any way (Psalm 119:89). The issue is, are we pursuing the promises of God so they can materialize in our lives? There is no such thing as microwave results in the kingdom of God. If we want to experience the manifestation of God’s promises, we must do our part. By diligently doing the following steps, everything God promised us will become a reality

. Locate the promise in the Word of God.

Whatever God says is the final authority. Whether it deals with healing, finances, or deliverance, if God said it, you can bank on it. The first step to obtaining the promise is to find as many scriptures as you can in the Bible that deal with that particular issue. When you find them, begin sowing them in your heart, just as a farmer sows seed (Mark 4:14).

2. Believe.

When it comes to faith, doubt is an enemy to your manifestation. You must believe what God says, understanding that it is a settled issue (Psalm 119:89). If you believe and refuse to let doubt in your heart, the promise will be yours.

3. Settle that the promise is the will of God for you.

Sometimes we believe God can and will do things, just not for us! It is God’s will for all people to obtain His promises

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