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If history is on the Cavaliers side then the 2011 draft will be the defining moment for a team moving forward.

In 1971, Austin Carr was the first pick in the NBA draft . No confetti flew, owner Nick Mileti spoke into a speaker connected to  a rotary dial phone, and picked the Notre Dame star and national hero of the NCAA tournament.  Nick made the right pick for the Cavs that year. It started a forward swing that lead to the Miracle of Richfield playoff team.

Flash forward 40 years. There is a new Nick on the scene. This time it’s Nick Gilbert. Twitter fans know him as @cavsnick. The 14 year old son of owner Dan Gilbert  will make the call on the Cavs first two picks in the draft. He is hoping for the same luck as the first owner of the franchise. Only this time it’s not on an old phone, it will be on national television.

Nick is the ambassador for the the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Nick battles  neurofibromatosis, a nerve disorder that causes tumors to grow in the body.

His good luck brought the Cavs the first overall pick, after helping the Cavs win the first pick in the draft at the lottery back in May. It will be his words that call the pick. He will be echoing what General Manager Chris Grant and his staff have been working on since Grant took over the team one year ago.

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