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Two more women testified Tuesday that accused serial killer Anthony Sowell raped and attempted to kill them before escaping.

The most dramatic testimony came from a woman who told the jury that she escaped by leaping through a window of Sowell’s third floor home.

She described how Sowell invited her into his home in the early morning hours of October 20, 2009, and the two drank beer and smoked crack cocaine together.

She told the jury she left by noon, but remembered she left something behind and returned to the house.

That’s when she said Sowell allegedly “came up behind me and put me in a military choke hold.”

“He told me that I wasn’t going anywhere and he would kill me,” she said.

At one point Sowell left the room and she said she looked at an open window and prayed.  “In the mighty name of Jesus please don’t let me die when I go out this window ’cause I’m about to jump,” she said.

She was dangling, her hands holding onto the ledge when Sowell returned to the room and grabbed her by the hands and tried to pull her back in.  When he was unsuccessful she testified he pushed her to the pavement below. A passersby stopped and called an ambulance.

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