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Would you have found Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, as the trial jurors did? A Cleveland church held its own retrial Sunday morning to find out.

The Sunday morning service at the “In Touch With Christ Christian Center” on East 140th Street had a twist.

Along with the usual prayer, singing and praising, there was a mock-verdict, with 12 parishioners acting as jurors.

Like millions, they have watched the case unfold on TV.

Some parishioners were angered that Anthony was found not guilty by the trial jury.

But first, they heard from the judge — a real judge.

Reverend Una Keenon is a retired municipal court judge for East Cleveland.

She had a few words of wisdom for these jurors during this capital murder case.

“Would it be better for [Casey Anthony] to go to death row and be killed for killing her child when she didn’t? Because if that maybe is in there, then I would say ‘no, it’s not fair,’ ” Keenon said.

This time, it was a hung  jury.

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