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Churches are suffering from the same scandals that our families suffer from. They are stealing from their own and assaulting and molesting their children. Each week there are two to three reports of this behavior. Christians are not to blame for this. Human failures are.

This may be a reflection of the climate of our country as well when self gratification is superseding all sense of decency and morality. We spend so much time talking about sexual gratification and monetary success that people are feeling that it is their need and desire above all else to act the way they do. Plain and simple it is the embracing of sin into our culture.

The below pastors have been arrested for less than Christian behavior.

Samuel Walsham Chapman, 58, was arrested Thursday and charged with child molestation, solicitation of sodomy and enticing a child for indecent purposes. A warrant states Chapman is a pastor at a Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Jonesboro. The warrant says Chapman performed a sexual act in front of a 15-year-old boy and asked for oral sex. The boy denied the request and his grandmother contacted authorities. Chapman has been denied bond.

William Edward “Eddie” Lloyd a Winterville pastor embezzled money from his church, stole computer equipment and attempted suicide after being found out, according to a report from a Pitt County detective. William Edward “Eddie” Lloyd, 47, associate pastor of Church of the Open Door on Reedy Branch Road, was arrested Saturday near Durham in connection with the Aug. 1 theft of computers equipment valued at $10,000, according to the report of Sheriff’s Detective J.W. Stancil.He was detained over the weekend in Durham and charged with larceny by employee before being released on bond. Lloyd allegedly stole the computers from the church to hide records of a more lengthy embezzlement scheme he had been perpetrating for some time against his church employer, Stancil reported. When his plans unraveled, he left the county and attempted suicide at a Durham motel. He was discovered by local police in the act and arrested, Stancil said. Lloyd had already sent an electronic message to his parishioners and church, confessing his acts and motives and telling him of his plan to end his life. Police followed the lead to his motel room in time to prevent his death, Stancil reported. Before leaving Pitt County, Lloyd on Aug. 3 opened up a gas connection at the church day care center, forcing the evacuation of the building, the report indicated. After his arrest, Lloyd posted a $1,500 secured bond and left the jail, the records indicated.

Jimmy Ray Patt, Jr, is charged with one count of dissemination of sexually oriented material to a person under the age of 18, and one count of unlawful touching a person for lustful purposes when the person occupies a position of trust or authority over the child.Investigators believe Patt sent a nude photo of himself on one occasion. They also said their investigations found the touching incident happened on a separate occasion.Patt worked with the youth at a Pascagoula church, but police didn’t name the church. And it wasn’t immediately clear if Patt was paid for his work, or a volunteer at the church.

Pastor Donald Lockhart, arrested by Fresno police Wednesday on suspicion of rape and other sex crimes against a 30-year-old woman, says the arrest charges were faked by police in retaliation for a lawsuit he filed against the city of Fresno. “I deny those charges. They’re totally false. They’re fake or built up,” said Lockhart, pastor of Central Community Development Center of Fresno. “I’m considered an enemy of the state because I sued the city of Fresno.” Lockhart, 59, said he filed the suit in mid-May, claiming police failed to enforce a restraining order against “disgruntled clients” living at one of the houses Lockhart operates for homeless people. Lockhart was arrested Wednesday at a house in the 200 block of South Barton Avenue on suspicion of rape, false imprisonment, forced oral copulation and attempted rape.

It really makes you wonder. Yes, the web makes us more aware of news stories. This seems like it is getting a bit out of hand .

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