An Indianapolis police officer was nursing a back injury Saturday after breaking up a fake fight staged by a minister, WTHR-TV reported.

Sgt. Matthew Grimes was invited to lecture a class on how to deal with the police when a “fight” broke out between two men at the back of his audience at a youth symposium last week. The officer was thrown to the ground when he tried to intervene.

Only after Grimes drew his Taser did someone tell him that the altercation was staged, said another local TV station, WRTV.
The officer suffered severe back spasms and was taken to a hospital.
Reverend James Harrington of Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church allegedly set up the scenario to test a white officer’s reaction to a fight between two black men and defended his decision to do so.
“We are trying to do anything that we can to save the lives of our children. We have to have live demonstrations of violence carried on by professional actors who are trained to do what they do,” he told WRTV.
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