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The Gospel world was shocked when they heard the news of the untimely death of Malinda Sapp, wife and best friend of gospel superstar Marvin Sapp. Malinda was an essential member of the Lighthouse Full Life Center Church where her husband Marvin was founder and senior pastor. After her death many wondered what would be next for Marvin and his family.

Now in the light of a new day, Marvin Sapp has announced that he will be recording a follow up album to his 2010 “Here I Am” release. His new album “I’m Still Here” is set to be released in 2012 and will be a live album of all new songs.

“It’s the first time I’ve actually done a live record outside of my comfort zone… of Grand Rapids, Mich.,” Sapp tells “D.C. is one my largest audiences. They buy tons of records of mine in Washington, D.C…. So we’re going to do something different and see how it works.”

The new album will tell the story of how Sapp has managed to keep moving on despite the loss of his father, his wife, and others close to him.

“The focus of this record,” he explains, “is how you can come through situations and still remain on top. It’s about how the enemy has a way of hitting you with stuff to cause you to fold and buckle, but I’m still standing.”

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