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It’s not very likely that the film industry would clamor over a film about a born-again Christian woman, but that’s just what they’re doing about Vera Farmiga‘s new movie, “Higher Ground.”

While many may recognize the 38-year-old Farmiga’s face, they might not be as acquainted with her name. After all, there’s not much room in the limelight for actors who work alongside stars like Matt Damon and George Clooney, as she has done in “The Departed” and “Up In The Air.”

Though Farmiga plays the lead role in “Higher Ground,” it is also the first film that she has directed, and the job sort of fell into her lap.

“I was attached to the project as an actress with honestly no intention of directing,” she said.

The story is based on a Carolyn S. Briggs memoir called “This Dark World,” and after participating in the script’s development and spending time working with Briggs, Farmiga decided that she could take on directing.

“Carolyn was the real life model for [the main character] Corinne,” she said. “She believed I understood the spirit of the film, the complexities of the character’s struggles and search. With her validation and plea, I knew I should direct.”

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