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Spiritual warriors from throughout the Southland were invited to join Pastor Xavier L. Thompson and local clergy at a city-wide prayer meeting on Wednesday, August 31, to protest the FAIR Education Act signed into law last month by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The legislation, also known as Senate Bill 48, requires that the contributions of lesbians, gays, bi-sexual and transgender individuals be included in the social science curriculum at California public schools.

The meeting started at 7 p.m., at Southern Missionary Baptist Church, 4678 West Adams Boulevard in Los Angeles. The ecumenical, multi-cultural event will feature a broad spectrum of the faith community voicing support for the StopSB48 Coalition in Sacramento, CA. Also, community leaders, school board members, educators, government officials will be in attendance.

“Let me be very clear, this is not an attack on the LGBT people or any particular group. I believe I am taking a stand for Biblical principles and righteous standards as outlined in the word of God. This is a big issue because you cannot sexualize history. The underlying impact of SB 48, I believe, is the advancement of a pro-homosexual, world-view in the public classroom,” said Rev. Thompson.

“I believe if anyone has made a noteworthy contribution to society, they ought to be acknowledged, regardless of their sexual orientation. The writer, Langston Hughes, was a gay man but we don’t know him as that. We celebrate his poetry. J. Edgar Hoover was a gay man, but we know him as the F.B.I. director. I believe this law promotes one’s sexual identity beyond their societal contributions, so it’s not ‘let’s celebrate their contributions’ as much as ‘let’s celebrate their sexuality,'” he said.

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