When I was younger, I use to hear so many older women telling the younger ladies in church, “He’s a church going man, you need to date him.” What I didn’t understand was this, why would you go out with someone just because he go to church? He already had 3 kids and divorced, plus the girl he was seeing he was cheating on her. As a child, I really didn’t understand.

As I grew up and became a man, I started to wonder, are more and more “Christian” men just like any other man? I still hear the same old things, “I’m going to get me a church going man and marry him.” I know men right now that’s on the deacon board, go to church three times a week, and still cheat on their wife. I know pastors that’s saying all the right things but aren’t living right. I’m not saying all men that go to church are bad because that’s NOT true, I’m just letting you know be selective on who you spend time with. When you choose a partner, take your time. Just because he’s going to church doesn’t mean he’s automatically a great guy.

Are the best men in church? Just because he attends church does it mean he’s better than someone who doesn’t? What does a man who goes to mean to you?

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