October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Christian organizations around the United States are painting the country pink to show their solidarity in the fight against the disease, which claims 39,000 American women’s lives per year.

One such organization is Christians Overcoming Cancer, a nonprofit headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, that is focused on using faith and fundraising to help cancer patients.

In October 2006, CEO and president Mary Jenkins began COC while she was still fighting stage III breast cancer.

Although the organization was originally meant to aid only breast cancer victims, Jenkins decided to extend relief to all cancer patients after turning down a woman with cervical cancer.

“I had to repent for judging. I pulled the board together and [we] voted to sponsor all cancers,” Jenkins told The Christian Post.

Jenkins added that she believes the pubic should focus on all cancers, not just breast cancer. One day, she hopes to adorn her city with gold, for children’s cancer, and grey, for brain cancer.

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