(CNN) — When Dr. Rachel Wellner got a text from her brother Tuesday night that his wife was in labor, she was speaking at a fancy charity event for breast cancer research. As soon as her speech was over, she raced in her evening gown to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan to watch her nephew, Lincoln Jacob Wellner, come into the world.

Holding the newborn baby in the delivery room, Wellner, 36, was overwhelmed with joy, but it was tinged with sadness as she wondered when — or whether — she would ever have a baby of her own. An accomplished breast surgeon, Wellner has no husband in sight.

Then she relaxed as she remembered what awaited her 50 blocks away: 13 eggs frozen in a bank at New York University Fertility Center.

If by the time Wellner gets married the eggs in her ovaries are too old to work, she can thaw out her frozen eggs, have them fertilized with her husband’s sperm and implanted into her uterus, and hope that her younger eggs will succeed where her older eggs failed.

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