The Rance Allen Group has recorded with many great singers over the years and they definitely know good singing when they hear it. When the group travels across the country, they also love to stop and enjoy good choir music. There is nothing like hearing choirs harmonize and sing praises unto God.

Now they are looking for the BEST choir in the country to sing and share with in song.  Yes, the Rance Allen Group wants to come and sing with your choir!  There are no restrictions on the type of choir they are looking for which means all-male, traditional, and contemporary choruses are invited to participate.

Here is how you enter the contest: Send a Youtube link of your choir singing the group’s latest single “Holy One” to: along with the name of your church, the minister of music’s name & his/her contact info.

The grand prize winner will get the opportunity to perform with the group during a Sunday Morning service at the winner’s church.

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