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Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson had reassuring news for city managers Friday morning. He called them together to discuss the city budget.

It was back in May at a meeting like the one called Friday that the mayor gave managers the bad news. Deep layoffs were coming. He had to cut $38 million. His strategy then was to cut quickly so his cuts would take effect over more months.

So when the managers entered on Friday, they weren’t entirely sure what to expect. What they heard is that the cuts were deep enough and quick enough to have the city on target for a balanced budget through the rest of this year and all of next year.

Of course, if there are more cuts coming from Columbus that could change. One of the people in the meeting told Reporter Paul Orlousky, “It ain’t great, but it is a big improvement from May.”

Mayor Jackson said that had he waited to make the cuts until the first of the year, twice as many would have to be laid off. That won’t happen.

“We still have some challenges, but we’re working on those challenges for the fourth quarter this year and we’re looking at revenues coming in and we’re containing the cost,” said Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson.

City revenues are ticking upward. Not a spike by any means, but improvement. The real question on the budget is will Columbus cut funding further.

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News

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