Gospel singer and BET’s “Sundays Best” winner, Le’Andria Johnson admitted in a recent AP interview that she wasn’t quite ready to become the gospel star her fans wanted her to be.

When she won, her worldly habits still held on. Smoking, drinking, clubbing and anything else you might think of were still a part of her every day and at one point she didn’t think she would be able to meet the standards of a gospel singer.

“I didn’t want to be disrespectful to God,” Johnson said. “I wanted to cool out for the moment and do me, go out or do anything. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t do it. Going out to the club — I couldn’t. Drinking — I just couldn’t do it.”

So she found the courage and the will power to let it all go and became a rising star in the gospel world.

“When you see that mic in my hand, I’m giving you what happened to me last week or last month,” Johnson said. “Good or bad, I’m giving you my story. My music is my reality show.”

The 29-year-old mother of three has been through two marriages, financial hardships, and a home foreclosure.

Faced with her struggles, when the call came for auditions for “Sundays Best,” Johnson didn’t actually want to make the 10-hour drive from her home in Orlando, Fla. to New Orleans. But her family encouraged her to make the trip.

Bogged down with life, she showed up  in flip-flops and gym socks. Fellow contestants whispered about her appearance.

“The whole time, some were like ‘Oh, what does she have on? Or why does she dress like that?” she recalled. “I got those looks. I dealt with all that. I almost left. But it was a little voice in me that told me to stand (still). From there, I’ve watched God change my life one episode at a time.”

Now she’s signed with Music World Gospel, encouraging fans everywhere.

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