The new Greater Cleveland Aquarium will have its grand opening in early 2012. That’s a good three months later than was originally planned.

A special exhibit focusing on waterlife found in Lake Erie and its surrounding rivers is requiring some design changes.

“We took a look at the fresh-water area and decided to redesign it a little bit and have a much tighter focus on Ohio lakes and rivers,” said Tami Brown, General Manager of the Greater Cleveland Aquarium.

The facility will be developed and operated by Marinescape Eco Aquariums, which has created 23 major walk-through aquariums world wide. This will be its first facility in the United States.

The 70,000 square foot facility will feature 42 different tanks. The largest tank will hold a quarter of a million gallons of water.

“We’ll feature sharks and rays and all the really beautiful colorful coral fish that you see out in the ocean,” Brown said.

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium will retain much of the original architecture found inside the historic Cleveland Powerhouse

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