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It’s become a cliche, a trite bit of lazy cartooning or children’s show writing, to feature a gigantic mountain of a tough guy, intimidating to all, suffer a panic attack at sight of the tiniest, cutest little animal. A tired cross-species David and Goliath plot point, it’s a gag that lost any sort of surprise comedic value years ago.

And then you see it actually happening.

Friday night, Animal Planet’s “My Extreme Animal Phobia” featured the story of a 40-year old man who is terrified of pitt bulls — even the small ones. Never mind that he looks like he could eat puppies for dinner, with his tattoos and gigantic stature; when a little pit bull comes bounding into the park, at the behest of the show’s host, Dr. Zasio, he breaks into tears and tries to run.

The clip is actually a bit sad; he went through a terrible trauma in his childhood that has made him so terrified of the dog breed. Which goes to show you: the concept still isn’t all that funny.

Will he get over the fear and be able to stroll in parks again? Watch and see, and learn about the back story beneath.


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