Over the years, we’ve watched her grow from being Kiki, the daughter of phenomenal gospel artist Karen Clark Sheard, to maturing into a woman of God who has her own distinctive voice in gospel music. Distinction, maturity, and a new found freedom are just some of the elements that you’ll hear on her forth coming album, Free.

Releasing Bold Right Life in 2008, its been nearly three years since Sheard has released a full album. Free not only marks a new album for the 24-year-old but a new experience with this being her first live recording and her first recording with the community choir, Bold Right Life (BRL), she began.

Being a native of Detroit, Michigan, a hub for gospel music, turning out the legendary Clark Sisters, J Moss, Deitrick Haddon and many more of today’s most influential gospel artists, some have wondered why she chose Chicago to record this landmark in her career. I did it in Chicago because we wanted to take the whole choir. We wanted all of the family to go. And then I also considered the choir’s family members as well. And Chicago is not a long drive at all” she told BREATHEcast. Continuing she said “Chicago, we have a chapter there, a BRL chapter, and they always show us so much love there, and so, we wanted to take it there for that reason.”

Often putting on youth events to reach out to young Christians in Detroit, this gave Sheard the opportunity to expand her reach and also show a different part of herself in a live setting that many don’t often see.

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