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Legendary comedian and TV dad Bill Cosby is still teaching us a little something about parenting off the silver screen.

On The Today Show, Cosby promoted his newest book I Didn’t Ask To Be Born (But I’m Glad I Was, which led to discussion on his views of single-mother parenting, his 47-year marriage and his admiration for his wife.

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Cosby made it clear that love is the basis for “raising your child strong.” His message to mothers was to always be the parent. Cosby said, “I still think it comes down to love, understanding who you are and the fact that you should have the wisdom. You should think about your own mistakes and where you don’t want your child to go and you should keep your child prepared for the next step at all times.”

Cosby says that what he admires about his wife as a mother is, “That she is brilliant at retorting and giving back to people.”

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