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A Cleveland father was arrested after cop say he stuffed a baby wipe down the child’s throat to make it stop crying! Now his eight week old baby is fighting for his life after chocking on a baby wipe.

Doctors have put the newborn baby on a life support system after surgically removing the baby wipe that was lodged in his throat. Police arrested the boy’s 25 year old father, Joshua Rains, after he admitted putting the disposable wipe in the baby’s mouth.

Rains was held at the MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland after investigators interviewed him about the circumstances surrounding his son’s injuries.

Rains told police he was changing the child’s diaper and wiped the baby’s mouth with the wipe.

He claimed the baby had swallowed the wipe and when he tried to pull it out only jammed it further down the child’s throat.

Rains admitted his son to hospital but doctors were unconvinced by his story and called police. ‘He is admitting to putting the wipe in the child’s mouth,’ said Sgt. Joseph Rini of Cleveland Police.

‘Whether it was an accident or done intentionally is what needs to be investigated.’ Rini said the newborn baby, who has not been named, was previously admitted to hospital when he was treated for a detached eye lens.

The incident was not reported to police. Rains has been charged with one count of endangering children. WTH is the mom!?!

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