The Occupy Wall Street protests are getting more and more violent across the country.

But here in Cleveland protesters have a new goal help a woman keep her home.

Occupy Cleveland just got the word that their efforts to help Beth Sommerer and her two kids stay in their foreclosed home just got a 30 day extension.

Usually a side walk on public square in downtown Cleveland is where Occupy Cleveland protests their fight against corporate greed.

On Sunday they pitched their tents in Beth’s back yard over on W. 94th and Denison.

The clock was ticking and she was to be evicted Tuesday morning.  The house was already sold in August in a sheriff’s sale after her husband left.

Sheriff deputies were arriving on Tuesday morning.

“It’s really about main street and helping the little guy and right now I am the little guy,” said Beth Sommerer.

Beth wants to rent the house and not move out.

“We brought out tents here to hold off to either buy more time and to make a positive presence,” said David Hodo, Occupy Cleveland.

Occupy Cleveland is cleaning up the place and helped Beth go thru the courts to buy her more time.

“The average individual does not know what is on their mortgage and I challenge them to tell me if they fall behind a few payments.  There is no easy connect the dot process and they don’t make it easy for you,” said Leatrice Tolls, Occupy Cleveland.

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