Kid lunch ideas seem easier and more exciting during the first few weeks of school but it doesn’t take long before parents run out of healthy and delicious lunch box ideas. You never know how creative you can become until you are faced with spicing up a lunch box.

Try Creating  A Mini Subs– Another easy lunch for kid is to make a miniature submarine sandwich out of a hot dog bun. Use pepperoni slices and other favorite meats. Slice regular sized deli meat into thin strips. Add cheese and shredded lettuce. Pack a small container of salad dressing to pour on top at lunchtime.

Homemade Lunchable- We pass them all in the  supermarket but here is how to make your own that the kids won’t hate. When shopping for groceries ask that your deli meat be sliced thick instead of shaved or regular slices. If your child doesn’t like the idea of square deli meats use a round cookie cutter or thin sided glass to cut out meat and cheese circles.

Thermos food- A thermos hot food lunch can be anything your child desires as long as it warms up their insides and is reasonably nutritious. That said the occasional thermos of boxed macaroni and cheese or canned pasta is also okay for those days when time and opportunity have got the better of you.

The other thing to consider is getting your child involved. Make a big deal of packing lunch fir yourself and them. Small  children particuliar copy your choices as well when you pack the lunch with care and show them yours as well

What are your tricks we would love to hear them.

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