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If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, chances are you probably have a big table to decorate. Even if you’re going buffet style, you don’t need to overdo it as most of the focus will be on the food, which should free you up to wow your guests on a small budget.

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Here are some ideas for creating the perfect dinner table:

1) Create a sophisticated urban look by adding autumn colors such as orange and earthy shades of green.

2) If you live near a park, collect some fallen leaves to create placeholders for your guests. Write each guest’s name on the leaf with a permanent marker.

3) Create a warm, inviting glow to the table by adding candles in metallic holders.

4) For a unique arrangement, hollow out vegetables like pumpkins, artichokes or peppers, insert a piece of floral foam soaked with water, then insert fresh florals. Or use the vegetables as holders for votive candles.

Bon appetit!

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