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Michael W. Smith‘s newest album, Glory, is an extremely beautiful addition to Smith‘s long and impressive list of work. Each track works brilliant on its own but when pieced together create a cohesive piece of artThe album begins boldly with “Glory Overture,” a traditional sounding song that is a successful overture: it gives you a small sample of what is to come throughout the album and has you on the edge of your seat waiting for what is next.

Glory is an instrumental album that puts a modern and fresh spin on traditional classical musics. But that in no way means that Glory sounds like the old-fashioned music we associate with instrumental pieces. Instead Smith has created a new sound and style that sounds fresh and modern.

Glory also features several different styles of music, often times within each track. The variety of instruments and sounds really help elevate each song to a unique piece in and of itself. Some tracks, like“Whitaker’s Wonder,” sound as though they belong in a ballet while others, like “Glory Battle,” have a more powerful, traditional feel.

Each song tells a story, the music speaks for itself. Even without lyrics Smith is able to communicate with listeners. While listening to “Heroes” I almost imagined the instruments as voices, calling out to each other and others answering in response. And the song titles really helps to find a certain meaning in each song.

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