Here are 5 simple tips you do each day to help the evolution of your spirit:


You can’t release something until you know it exists or are willing to admit it exists. So you first have to acknowledge the situation.

Once you’ve faced the fact it does exist, you have to accept it. That’s part of unconditional love of the self. To accept the characteristic or action without judgment and to just accept it with love.

Now that you’ve accepted the pattern, give yourself a break and forgive yourself for taking on this pattern. You’re human and we all do this. No one expects you to be absolutely perfect. So don’t expect that from yourself. It is what it is, you’ve acknowledge the pattern and you want to change it. There’s no reason to feel regret or guilt, you can’t change the past. But you can change the future. Focus on that.
Action and Letting Go.

Now the Action to correct these thought patterns, or repay this karmic debt can be implemented. In affecting change in your life, you are letting go of the past and moving toward self-growth and enlightenment.

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