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These days, Karen Clark-Sheard is a picture of health, traveling, ministering, and enjoying life. But just 10 years ago, the prospects of her future looked grim when things took a turn for the worse following a routine surgical procedure. The wife, mom, first lady, and Karew Records CEO, fell into a coma and was only given a 2 percent chance to live. In a new interview with eMotions digital magazine, launched by First Lady Serita Jakes, Clark-Sheard, along with daughter Kierra, and sister Jacky, reflect back on that tumultuous time.

According to eMotions Magazine, “Because Clark Sheard was bedridden for a lengthy period following her illness, she had to re-learn how to use her limbs. She thought she would not sing or play piano ever again. Instead she made a full recovery.”

Karen Clark-Sheard on reflecting back:

When I think back on that traumatic experience, I see God as a miracle worker! It brings me to tears just talking about it. During my sickness I was at death’s door. I’ve seen God perform miracles and bring people out of situations. But, to look at me personally, and see that God showed His hand of excellence and work a miracle through me — I am thankful to Him for just allowing me to have another chance to

continue my ministry.”

Daughter, Kierra Sheard, on how the sickness affected her:

Her illness taught me to pray. Ten years ago, I was 14. I was a praying woman at 14. God allowed me to grow and continue to listen to her because when you’re 14 you think you know it all. But after she was released from the hospital, it challenged me to love on her, listen to her, and value my family because you never know what they have to face. I love her and I am thankful for her!

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