An Ohio lawmaker has proposed state legislation that would eliminate the “speed trap” on Interstate 71 in Linndale.

Sen. Tom Patton (R-Strongsville) is a sponsor of Senate Bill 254, which would increase the required population for a municipal corporation to hold mayor’s court from 100 residents to more than 200. He spoke about the issue before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday.

According to a news release from Patton’s office, Linndale’s population is 179 and penalties from traffic tickets and court fines account for $800,000 of the village’s $1 million annual budget. Patton’s office said the ratio of officers to citizens is roughly 1 to 12.

Linndale is a well-known name to most people in northeast Ohio, and people familiar with the short stretch of I-71 patrolled by Linndale police know to slow down in the area.

“Police officers are meant to protect and serve the citizenry,” Patton said. “But Linndale seems content to use theirs as ad hoc toll collectors.  It’s unfair to the officers, as well as the people who travel I-71 to work each day.  In the end, there’s no real defense of having fines and tickets add up to eighty-percent of your annual budget.”

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