A pint size entrepreneur based in London is raking in the cash over his (short) lifelong obsession—marbles.

Eight-year-old Harli Jordean, who has been obsessed with marbles since he was six, turned his love for the shiny orbs into a bonafied business at 500 bucks a pop.

“Harli used to sleep with marbles under his pillow,” his mother, Tina, told the Daily Mail.

“The last thing he talks about before going to bed is marbles and they are the first things he mentions in the morning.  His obsession became so big we started calling him the Marble King.”

It was Harli’s obsession with marbles that led him to the web, but he was disappointed to find that there was only a limited selection of his beloved toy.

That’s when the budding business mogul got the idea to start his own website,

Marble King is now bringing in thousands of dollars per year, with orders rolling in from as far as the U. S.

Harli’s mother and brother serve as “behind the scenes co-partners,” and the budding entrepreneur hopes to one day dominate the marble market, eventually becoming co-owner and even creating a brand of “Marble King” marbles.

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