Each day for the last three yearsI  have heard of someone being laid off. The terms  downsized ,marked redundant and phased out are now common descriptions. It’s never easy to deal with unemployment.  I was lucky. I was given time to mentally, spiritually and financially prepare for the inevitable. Coping with unemployment—whether expected or unexpected—is never easy. The uncertainty and anxiety associated with job loss ranks as one the most draining experiences a person can deal with.

It is an event that often leads you to  feelings of being powerless and insecure. There are doubts in your mind about when the next opportunity will show up. The first thing to do is to take a deep breath. I know that’s hard. Evaluate what are your needs and what are my wants.  Make sure that you have all your references, dates and compensation notes. You become your best advocate during this time. If you do not speak up you will not be heard.

My second step was to sit down and pray. I still say the prayer every day that I used during that time. “Lord let this all be to your benefit. Take me where you would want me to go.” It was centering and calming. You must keep a good prayer routine during this time. You should keep the  faith and do not despair. When you despair you do not trust the Lord.  Try to remain positive. It may seem like a long time but something will give and you will get a great job. Keep in mind that in this insane economy it’s not your fault that you are unemployed. When companies make layoff decisions, many good people lose their jobs as well.

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