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Award winner Fred Hammond and business partner Roy Campbell recently entered an exclusive distribution deal with Universal Music Christian Group (UMCG) for their new label venture, fHammond Family Entertainment.  “The opportunity to form my label couldn’t come at a better time,” said Hammond, President and CEO of fHammond Family Entertainment. “Out of the box thinking and creativity is what we are producing here.  The projects that we have in development will further my artistic expression and expose my devoted music fans and beyond to another dimension of the Fred Hammond brand.” he says.

The first project entitled, Life in the Word is in stores and available online today, Tuesday, July 27th.

Hammond has been a strong force in the gospel industry for nearly three decades through his music and ministry.  His new project offers a different approach. “”It’s easy for my audience to know where I’m coming from as an artist. They don’t want a lot of tricks, they don’t want to just listen-they want to participate. “This is the other side of my style” he says.

The album opener and first single, “You Do Great Things” is a great intro for those longtime Hammond fans. The track is a rhythmic praise jam featuring Faith Anderson on lead and an impassioned vocal coda from Men of Standard founder Lowell Pye, who later gets a second chance to shine in the celebratory “Walkin’ in Victory.”

From a stylistic standpoint, Hammond knows he’s taking chances, but he doesn’t get caught up in the guesswork of how the public will respond. “My core will like it,” he says. “I’ve known my audience for a long time, so I understand what they want; I’ve learned what I can do with my people. I believe that there are a million people who will buy good gospel music, and millions that love the Word of God. And they’ll go right where it is and they’ll get it.”

fHammond Family Entertainment allows the gospel veteran to work on recorded projects, audiovisual products, and other kinds of media aimed at bringing gospel to the masses.  Indeed, Life in the Word sees Hammond stepping away from the microphone and into the role of mentor, visionary and producer, guiding a fresh ensemble of young singers, worship leaders, and vocalists as they sing songs of devotion, commitment and worship lifted directly from Scriptures.

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