We would all like to do some good during the time God grants us life. Yet, some who could do good are unsure about when to do good, how long to do the good thing, when do you stop doing good or to whom the doing good is extended.

The Bible encourages us to give to all who ask. But suppose you have nothing to give? The Bible tells us about serving others through the ministry of hospitality because we may be entertaining angels unaware. What about all the “unangel-like” personalities who show up in between? The Bible encourages us to return good for evil but sometimes people get tired of being taken advantage of and returning good is the last thing on their minds.

If we have two coats give one away. You did and now there are twenty others hoping you’ll do the same for them. You’ve given your offering and tithes and now someone is asking you to stretch to do even more.

You are not insensitive to the needs of those around you. You have not forgotten what compassion feels like or how compassion compels you to give to those in need and serve the Lord with gladness at the same time. You may not be sure of the when and how of your response

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