In Black in America’s third year, CNN will focus on the church. Spiritual and gospel music has always been at the heart of the black church.  To honor this rich tradition, CNN is inviting choirs around the world of all denominations to sing as one.

How to participate:

Gather your choir and sing a very special hymn, “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power” by Andrae Crouch — commonly referred to as “The Blood.” Then upload your video below. CNN will blend all the videos together to create a unique global version.

Tips and guidelines:

–  Please sing in the key of F.

–  We encourage you to sing a cappella, but minimal instrumentation like percussion is welcome.

–  Audio is key, we encourage you to use microphones in order to capture the best possible audio.

– You’re welcome to sing in your place of worship, but we encourage you to sing someplace that best represents your hometown. Someplace significant to your community.

– Don’t have a choir? That’s fine – sing by yourself, or with members of your congregation.

Upload your videos below before Sunday, October 10, 2010. Please be sure to include the name of your church and choir and please keep video files under 600MB.  After you’ve uploaded your videos, CNN will put them together to make a global choir of voices.

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