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Speaker, author and radio show host Thomas Edward is looking to create a home for men who have been abused and often have to suffer in silence in the church.

A victim of sexual abuse himself, Edward believes such men are ignored or given the cold shoulder, largely because church leaders are afraid to address the issue.

“When I was dealing with abuse, it was difficult to actually find resources in the religious community,” he told The Christian Post. “It’s seen as a taboo and unfortunately leaders hide their heads in the stand and ignore that the problem actually exists.”

After suffering from vivid flashbacks and memories of his abuse, Edward said because he felt so alone, he even attempted suicide.

Author of the 2008 publication Healing a Man’s Heart, Edward is gearing up for his Healing Broken Men retreat later this month. He founded Healing Broken Men Ministry, a faith-based workshop session and support group, in 2001 for men dealing with the aftermath of molestation and sexual abuse.

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Source: Christian Post | Felicia Howard

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