As we enter the season of giving to others and celebrating God’s gift to us, let’s reserve what we often hold on to for ourselves – our dreams, our hearts, our lives – for the One who deserves it all. The song “I Give Myself Away,” from the album “As We Worship Live” from William McDowell, reminds us of this surrender.

McDowell wrote a powerful blog entry on his website speaking about the intent and story behind the song…

“I Give Myself Away is a dangerous song to sing.

“A few months ago I wrote in my Facebook status that I am really being challenged by the lyrics of my own songs. It’s much easier to sing about giving yourself away than it is to make it a daily reality. Help me Lord to make it a reality and not just a melody. There were a lot of responses and of course when one opens their heart the way I did there is a lot of room for interpretation. Let me clarify what I was saying. I believe that some understood and some maybe didn’t quite understand what I am saying…”

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