Children born to teens are often denied a close, consistent relationship with their fathers because the relationship between their parents frequently dissolves over time. Living apart from fathers can have a far-reaching impact on children, statistics show.

A National Campaign study reveals several statistics showing how not having that fatherly bond can hurt a child. For example, children who live apart from their fathers are five times more likely to grow up poor. They are more likely to suffer abuse and neglect, more likely to need help for behavioral and emotional problems, more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, and they are more likely to drop out of high school.  Girls without involved fathers are more likely to start having sex earlier and are much more likely to get pregnant as teens.

Teenaged boys need to be as committed to preventing teen pregnancy as teen girls. They need to know how to use condoms, how to abstain from sex and how to do whatever they can to avoid an unwanted pregnancy before they are truly ready for fatherhood. Their children deserve nothing less than a good father.

For more information on talking to your young person about sex and preventing pregnancy, visit the National Campaign web site

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