We need to embrace who we are. This is the reason most of us become lost. Most problems in our lives happen when we do not take time to get to know who the person in the mirror is. Peace comes when we accept ourselves. It is what we need to move forward in life. Peace allows us to grow.

Love of ourselves in the true sense. There is nothing if we do not care for the person in the mirror. What we need to understand is that true love comes when we have love of our Higher Power. That enables us to love ourselves fully because we would never want to harm ourselves. Our young people go wrong because this sense of love is missing.

Happiness is just the ability to know that in all things we are taken care of happiness. It may not be this instant. There is an adage that we are always a work in progress. The internal spiritual sense of us is always growing. It is not in the things we gather around us. Happiness is in embracing that we are made for goodness, and possess grace. We are unique. We are not the carbon copy of what the world expects or wants or desires.

I hope you embrace who you are today the way the Creator made you.