Jim Caviezel, the star of “The Passion of the Christ” spoke this past weekend at First Baptist Church in Orlando about being “rejected in my own industry” after playing Jesus.

During the Saturday night service, about 750 people showed up to hear what the Catholic star had to say about his experiences while filming and working with Mel Gibson on one of the most controversial movies about Jesus. The movie went on to become one of the highest grossing films ever.

He shared that before working on the role, he was warned by Gibson who said he’d “never work in this town again” if he decided to go forward with the film. But Caviezel simply told him, “We all have to embrace our crosses.”

According to him, Gibson’s advice wasn’t far from the truth because after the film, he had difficulty finding a job in Hollywood, but it was not impossible. He lent his talent to films with religious subtexts like “The Stoning of Soraya M.,” “I am David” and “Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius,” among other films.

“We have to give up our names, our reputations, our lives to speak the truth,” Caviezel said.

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