The Oprah Winfrey Show” will air its final episode with a bevy of special guests on today.

Oprah’s been on the air for over two decades and has made many fans from all over the world.

Please leave us your messages for Oprah on our Facebook Page as she leaves the daily TV scene and moves into other areas of media.

One thought on “Leave Oprah A Farewell Message On Our Facebook Page

  1. Oprah, Thanks for the memories!!! Your show will be missed!!!! Take some time off to relax, rest and sleep in some mornings. Enjoy those babies (dogs). Do not go away altogether I will be watching to see what you will do next. Now on to the real dish girl…..where did you get that bracelet you wore on your farewell show show??? Would like to know because that woul go perfect with my dress for my son’s wedding in Sept. I will get to dress-up or the first time in a long time, formal I mean:) Please take care, and God Bless<3

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