Are you planning a summer vacation? If you’re packing the bags, what color flips flops to bring should not be the only thing on your mind. Heading off to your travel destination tourists face running into troubles. To experience the least amount of trouble when jet setting take some of these simple safety tips into consideration:

1. Hang the Do Not Disturb sign on the door when you’re out. If people think you’re home it is less likely for thieves to enter.

2. If you’re planning on arriving to your hotel at night, arrange either with the hotel or rental car company to have someone escort you from the parking lot to your room.

3. If you like to walk around in your hotel room naked, cover up the peephole on the interior side with a piece of tape which can be easily removed for when you need to see who is outside.

4. When checking in, and the front desk say your room number aloud while other guests are around, ask if you could change rooms.

5. If you have a preorder menu on your door, do not list your name or mark how many people there are in your room. This will tell anyone who is passing your name and you’re traveling alone.

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6. Ask to be given a room that is not on the ground floor, and if there are sliding glass windows demand to be above the first floor. This is the main entry point for people and also offer easier views to the inside of your room.

7. As soon as you walk into the hotel room, make sure that you pull your drapes shut allowing no one to see into your room and seeing that you’re alone. Pack some safety pins and duck tape so you can make sure the curtains are completely closed!

8. Never list your home address on your luggage tag. Used covered luggage tags as well.

9. Consider purchasing portable alarms that emit a loud sound

10. Carry all-important papers with you; never check anything that you cannot afford to loose.

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11. Vary your schedule. Try not to come and go at the same time.

12. Back into your parking spaces to facilitate a quick exit

13. Don’t draw attention to your cash or jewelry. Never flash your money in public

14. Familiarize yourself with the train and bus schedules of the city you’re traveling to.

15. If your cell phone does not work outside the country, consider getting one that does.

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