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*”One Gospel approached me with the idea of the show. I think it had to do with my show on radio called Sacred Space,” said South African media personality Thami Ngubeni of her new TV show, The Scarlett Lounge.

“The show will be about women and the issues they encounter. We talk about their pain, loss, success, all the things they can share in their personal experiences.”

On Sunday mornings on Metro FM, Ngubeni hosts a Christian show that discusses living a proper Christian life. One Gospel, a Christian channel on DStv, has numerous local shows hosted by different celebrities and The Scarlett Lounge was created to focus on Christian women.

“Look, essentially we will be speaking to women, but the show is not limited to them. We are inviting the men into out sacred space to help them understand us more.

“There are a lot of women who have had to overcome something and we love sharing those kind of stories. We also use the examples of the women in the Bible like Ruth, who persevered against all odds. We believe that one woman’s story is every woman’s story, so it is important to share,” she explained.

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