You ever wonder what heaven would be like? Well, for one man, he doesn’t have to wonder anymore.

In an interview with ABC, Don Piper says he remembers music that was “beyond spectacular” and aromas he’d never smelled before. His grandfather was there to greet him warmly, as dozens of others who had died in years past stood before him in front of a magnificent gate.

Piper, an ordained Baptist minister, insists it was no dream: He visited heaven, he said, and chronicled his experience in the New York Times bestseller, “90 Minutes in Heaven.”

“It was the most real thing that ever happened to me,” he said.

Piper’s ethereal trip, he said, began on a bridge in rural Texas in 1989. There, a truck plowed into Piper’s car, leaving him with horrific injuries.

“(The) steering wheel impaled me in the chest and then the car’s roof collapsed on my head so there’s just no way you could survive this accident,” he said.

Piper said his heart stopped pumping and paramedics declared him dead. He was without a pulse, he said, for 90 minutes before coming back to life.


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