Heading back to class doesn’t have to break the bank. The days of spending $500 for college textbooks are over. The options are endless to save money or even get your books for free.

Traditional bookstores are closing as technology has readers choosing e-books over traditional books.

“It’s easier than carrying around a lot of other books,” college student and e-reader enthusiast, Michelle O’Donnell said.

To avoid the fate of retail bookstores, college bookstores are catering to the trends students are following by offering digital versions of textbooks.

“I had to do an e-book only because it was the only format it came in, and I didn’t like it,” O’Donnell said.

You heard the Kindle lover right. An e-textbook is not a substitute for a real textbook in her eyes.

“I think the kind of learner I am, I like to highlight and have the book in my hands. I’m more a visual learner,” O’Donnell explained.

Students said e-books can also get expensive. Sometimes there are limitations on the number of pages you can print and sometimes the format is just funky.

“It’ll come out halfway across the page. You can’t read the other side and you have to print it again and then I have to spend more money on ink,” John Carroll sophomore Matthew Duff said.

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