Grammy nominated-artist Shei Atkins announced that she’s ditching the “Gospel” label and instead embracing R&B. And the reason for the move, she said, is because she finds the church to be too judgmental of her music.

The messed up thing about the Christian community is that there is a religious and judgmental mentality inside of it that holds us back and keeps us from loving people when it comes to music,” Atkins recently wrote in a commentary featured on

“I can’t sing about life, love, and relationships under the Gospel title. It’s not because I don’t want to. It’s because of the mentality a lot of Christians have about music.”

Atkins hails from Houston, Texas, and has released three Gospel albums. It’s been three years since her last album and she is now gearing up to release her newest project, entitled Emotional.

The Houston artist had taken time off to pray and “get clarity of my purpose.”

Though she was celebrated in the Gospel community for such songs as “He Can Fix It” and “Lord I Love You,” which garnered much radio play, she also received backlash for songs that weren’t Gospel radio-friendly. One of her controversial songs was “Temptation,” where she describes a woman almost giving in to sexual sin.

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