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You probably already have a favorite face wash and lotion, but scrubs, masks, and acne treatments can be added to your regimen without dropping too many dollars. Believe it or not, you can find worthy products at a drugstore.

This scrub uses lemon extract and grapefruit extract, which are both high in skin-brightening Vitamin C, to naturally resurface skin. Plus, its refreshing grapefruit scent is a great pick-me-up. $3.99, available at Freeman Beauty.

One side of the wipe contains textured bead to exfoliate, while the other side is smooth for cleansing and makeup removal. $6.99, available at Specific Beauty.

Besides the always-purifying mud, this mask also contains orange to help tone the skin, bergamot for its antiseptic benefits, and sea salt to aid in banishing impurities for a clear, smooth, and balanced complexion. $5.99, available at Ulta.

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