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*Keyshia Cole is getting married again (to her husband) and guess who has a front row invitation? You.

That’s right. From the comfort of your home of course, you will have the opportunity to witness the singer perform her nuptials with Daniel “Boobie’ Gibson all over again.

She told that she is excited about an event that apears to come twice in a lifetime.

“Me and my husband are having our big wedding that I’ve always wanted to have,” Keyshia said, explaining that the ceremony would be recorded as part of her new reality show, “Family First.”

The couple wed in a private ceremony in Las Vegas in May, but wanted to replay the experience for her fans in a recorded ceremony.

“Family First” is an inside look at Cole’s personal life, filled with emotions and the sort.

The show, however, doesn’t have a broadcast home quite yet. Hey BET, TV ONE … whaddaya think?

While we all wait for Keyshia to get the show together, her fans can expect some new music from pretty soon. Expect a new album in December, thanks to her new manager, Kevin Liles. She kicked Manny Halley to the curb in January and hasn’t looked back since.

She said, “I think me and Kevin connect spiritually and that means a lot to me as well.”

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