Been to the gas pump lately? If you have then you probably noticed the sticker shock.

It seems like every time you turn around prices jump again!

It’s hard to justify a holiday weekend getaway when you blow your whole budget on the gas it takes to get there. So most celebrated locally.

Fuel prices are up four cents since last week and climbing because Tropical Depression Lee stopped production in the Gulf of Mexico.

“It’s higher than it’s been and I wish I would have filled up maybe Tuesday of last week.”

Ohioans are paying an average of $3.68 today.

“I had to buy a smaller car to go to work because this was costing so much.”

It costs drivers a dollar more per gallon this Labor Day than last so many are choosing to spend that money on back yard barbeque supplies rather than putting that money into their tank.

Labor Day weekend is usually reserved for road trippers, but the price at the pump has curbed that idea for many.

“It’s just too much. For $3.65 a gallon, I make it from here to Brunswick, 20 minutes, that’s 10 bucks to go there and back,” said Shawn Ingelido.

Some emptied their wallets and packed their trucks anyway.

“I don’t know exactly the dollar amount, but we went to Myrtle Beach and it cost quite a bit compared to years before,” said Bill Stone.

And others burned up their fill-up just trying to save on the next one.

“I’ll drive and I’ll try to find the cheapest gas station that I can find to fill my tank up. But I use a quarter of a tank of gas to find the gas station!”

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Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News

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