This time last year, there were 54 murders in Cleveland. So far this year, there are four less.

Felonious assaults without guns are also down slightly. However, felonious assaults with firearms are up more than 9 percent from the same time last year.

Police said they blame the majority of the gun violence that is happening in Cleveland and in cities across the country on young people. The trend shows the ages of victims and suspects are getting younger every year.

“Our violence on streets involve the age group of 15 to 28 and those numbers come down every year, nationally,” said Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath. “It is something that is concerning for the police department and the community.”

There are 1,451 Cleveland police officers fighting crime, but they can’t be everywhere.

“The community, as a whole, is the most important component to reducing gun violence,” McGrath said.

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McGrath pointed to a recent gun buy-back program as one way the community can help. More than 700 guns were turned in to police

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