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It’s not always easy to come up with a catchy fundraiser idea, especially when you’re a church, but the fellas over at First Parish Unitarian Universalist in Framingham, Mass. have it down to an art.

The church is selling a calendar to help bring in some extra cash for 2012, which may sound normal enough, but they recruited some of First Parish’s elderly parishioners to pose for pinup-style nude portraits, with carefully-placed props keeping things from getting too risque. Sure beats kittens in flower pots and babies dressed like ladybugs.

The result is Celebration 2012, a calendar available for anyone to buy, though it may not be quite as special if you don’t recognize the models from the grocery store.

As for the edgy concept, none of the models seem to mind. Holly Hollerorth, a former pastor now in his 80s (a.k.a. Mr. June), says, “The older body has its own elegance.”

Touche, sir, Touche.


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